In The Mind Of Zig-Zag

Watch Your Step

1 May 1986
FAIR WARNING!: I am dyslexic. So I make many spelling mistakes. You're welcome to come and read my journal as I do love making new friends - but I know there's mistakes. If you can get past that; please read on!!

On the internet I am known as Zig-zag so I shall call myself this from now on.

History on my name: Zig-zag was the name of my first cat. I loved her very much, unfortually she died on my Kindergarden Graduation. This is just my way of letting her memory live on.

Psh - this thing was so old. I'm no good at keeping this even semi-updated.

I have some old fanfiction and I think someday I'd like to get back to it - but my big thing mostly is working on my AMVs.
So yes! I do enjoy anime too! XD I also love playing video games! Zelda being one of my all time favorite series. I mostly play RPGs but honestly I really just like playing games.

And on this LJ you'll hear a lot about my pets. A. Lot.

But really - I just enjoy making friends! So feel free to check out my journal and see if you'd like to stay around or start up a chat with me!

I am a member of snarky_ffff

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