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Nintendo Dream

Last night I had a fun dream that I was playing a new version of Zelda and Mario on the original Nintendo. I think they were suppose to be two separate games but eventually morphed together into one. I wish they were real because they were a lot of fun to play. The Zelda one was like the old top down view with new dungeons to explore! The cool part was that Link could jump just like Mario over blocks and kill un-spiked enemies even had the sound effect like Mario when he jumped.

The Mario one was cool if you knew secret ways to play it. I had a expert over who use to compete in timed runs of the game who was showing me some of the secrets. Like this one world where it was almost nothing but blocks everywhere. He showed me if I held down and the B button that Mario went into a rocket punch attack that would even kill goombas if they got close. It would auto destroy the blocks! If you held down and I think Y because it was a super Nintendo controller even though we were playing on the Nintendo, Mario would kick his feet and fall down to lower blocks.

He showed me how to clear a path down and hold the punch attack that would keep all the un-punchable enemies above you and you could just keep running. That was until get got to some lava where he said you needed to stand still and boost up Mario's run attack which made him look just like Sonic does when he's running really fast. You hold that button, yet somehow gently nudge him over to the fire so he falls off the side. His feet are apparently running so fast that fire and lava smooch down beneath you and doesn't kill you. Then you let Mario fly and keep pushing him forward as he slowly rises above the lava from the burst speed.

Now this seemed weird to me. It's LAVA it should be insta-death no matter what. I was questioning wondering how someone found out  you could do this as Mario was almost out of speed and caught fire for a moment. Only he didn't shrink down or die, just made the UMPF noise that sounds when Link gets hit in Zelda and flashed like Link does as well. Then he jumped right at that moment telling me that the super speed was over and if he stayed there he would then die. He jumped and JUST made it to the ledge and kept running forward with his super punch.

At some point he found a pogo stick and was showing if you jumped like so that you could actually clear the stage in about four jumps. It had to be timed JUST right to avoid the enemies though. He even showed how to dismount from the pogo stick so it hit a (shoot brain suddenly failing me on their name) the enemy with the boomerang and killed him as you could grab the flag higher at the same time! It was very cool. Sadly the next level was loading as I woke up.

Another thing I remembered about the Zelda game just now was that those floating skulls that would take away your sword in the first game where there, but they were much harder to avoid as they would chase you. If you attempted to hide in the doorways they could actually chase you right through to the next room!

There was also a point where I got hit and somehow glitched through the floor and ended up falling on the power bracelet. So that it vanished where it was as Link tried to hold it up with his: do do dooooo! Move, but it was way on the other side of the screen before it vanished back into my inventory as the raft icon flew around the screen for a moment before shrinking down to size and disappearing into Link from a WHOLE other dungeon.

Everyone who was there playing with me kept saying how we wished we were recording that glitch because it was AWESOME! Also remember someone being grumpy that the easiest to find level when you first start the game was level 13. How mean was that? People who just had a little wooden sword go in expecting the first dungeon to be fairly simple and easy to find when: BAM! It's level 13 and you're only 2 away from Ganon. It was a death trap!

I also remember one room where if you touched blue items it would fill up another room with bubbles or something, but that bit's not very clear in my mind or easy to explain so I'll leave it off there for now!

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