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Make way for the world of fish men

Had a very surreal and odd dream last night. It started off with me at my old job. I was talking with my old coworker/boss Sarah as we walked around the park doing cleaning type things. Then she delegated that my other coworker Eric should start weedwacking, I should head to the paddle dock and rake the leave out, while she cleaned the bathrooms. We all left to do our chores, I wasn't exactly looking forward to mine as the paddle dock is just a square wooden area with a picknick table in the middle that was set up so canoers could pull their canoes up there. Not that anyone ever does that, but at least it's near the water.

So I started raking up the leaves and making the area look nice. I got done with one side when I noticed that there weren't as many leaves as normal to clean up. Then I noticed that the water level was high. Really high. It was coming up and swallowing the corner of the paddle station. I took a picture of it with my cell phone before I ran up the hill because I knew this was something Sarah just had to see and be as amazed as I was.

By the time we made it back down the water had risen and now half of the paddle station was lost in the water. We walked down, the area suddenly becoming very rocky as we looked on at all the water. We talked about how we have never seen the St. Lawrence so overflowing before as clouds started coming in and the waves starting to pick up. We screamed as we saw these huge tanker boats out in the water being thrashed around. One broke in half and came flying towards us. Screaming we ducked down as a huge chunk of boat we flying over our heads and the water kept rising.

We started to scramble up the bank which was even more slanted now and climb up the wreckage, knowing we had to get the campers to the pavilion where they would be safe. We were nearly to the top when a large boat started to be forced towards our shore. We could see hundreds of people on there screaming for help. When they finally slammed into our bank we grabbed on and started yanking them out, screaming at them to jump off we'd take them in.

Only as I grabbed to help the next person off, they pulled me in, screaming back at us that the safest place was out on the water. That no one should leave. I was terrified as the water started to suck us back out into the river that was now a raging sea, but I managed to break free and ran for the edge of the boat. I jumped with all my might, but realized I was too short. I knew if I didn't grab some sort of land that the current would be too strong to swim to safety and I'd be sucked out with the current.

Arms flailing I grabbed for anything as I landed. Only I ended up grabbing Sarah's leg who had stayed to try to help get me off that boat. She screamed as I accidentally dragged her down, but my other hand had grabbed a part of the first wreckage too. I hung onto that for dear life as I pulled Sarah back up to where she could grab onto some rocks. We scrambled and screamed as we tried to pull ourselves back up, but the waves kept beating against up and we just couldn't. Then the people we had just saved rushed forward and pulled us up to safety.

Together we ran up the hill, calling campers to us as we went. We lead them all to the pavilion where they could get inside and dry. It was also high up, so the water shouldn't reach us. Or so we hopped as it started to rain. Only the pavilion actually turned into the old dinging hall of a summer camp I use to go to. Which worked out better as it was longer and we could fit everyone inside of it.

We huddled together in the dark, staring out at the rain pounding down outside the window. Suddenly my sister Casey was there and I hugged her to me. For a long time we sat there when Sarah said: "Where's Eric?" We went around looking for him and finally he called to us from outside. He said it was safer outside in the rain. He could also keep and eye out on the water level for us. Some of the other people were also saying that it was safer outside too. I suddenly felt this panic rising in my chest, knowing it was NOT safer outside. Sarah and I tried to keep people inside, feeling like it was our responsibility to keep everyone safe while we yelled at Eric to get back inside! He kept trying to tell us it was safer outside, but he didn't finish his sentence. It was cut off with a scream as it looked like his feet were dragged out from under him and he was dragged out of our view.

We could hear his screams still. I hugged Casey and shut my eyes as I cried, knowing there was nothing to be done to save him as his screams turned to gurgles I screamed to try to drown out the sound. Some people ran out after him as Sarah and I shrieked for them to get back inside because there was nothing anyone could do. They too were dragged away shrieking and I saw a giant octopus tentacle drag someone away. Then no one else wanted to go outside.

Everyone huddled closer together as we watched the rain pelt the windows. I started crying, thinking how this was just like Stephen King's The Mist. Only we had rain and rising water. I didn't say any of this out loud, terrified of causing more of a panic then was already spreading through the group. I tried to think about how the people in the story got free, but we didn't have any cars to run to. Giant tentacles could now be occasionally seen rising up and down around the window. "If one of those things get me, someone with a gun shoot me." I wasn't sure if anyone we saved or the campers had a gun, but I just remembered how horrible the deaths in the book were and didn't want to suffer through that. I started to cry again thinking that Eric just had.

People started screaming as the tentacles felt around the building more and more. Sarah and I told them to hush, that maybe if they didn't hear us they'd go away. For awhile it seemed like it worked the tentacles slowly disappeared and we all sat huddled together for a long time. Then suddenly nearly every window blew out as tentacles came flying at us in every direction. The group scattered, but it was pointless, we were trapped.

A tentacle wrapped around my waist and grabbed me. I screamed for someone to help or shoot me as I shoved Casey away from me. I kept screaming as it dragged me back out of the window and through the sky. It was then that I could see the building had been surrounded by water. It and a large, strange looking boat were the only things I could see not submerged. I screamed for awhile longer as the giant octopus continued to swing me around for a bit before dropping me onto the strange boat. Other people from our building were huddled there.

I wandered around in a daze, shivering from the rain and finally found Casey again. I hugged her to me and we walked around until we found Sarah again and we hugged each other in a tight group hug, wondering what was going on. We were soon given an answer as a large half fish man stood up, twice the size of the largest member of our group. He said something about how the humans had polluted the earth too much so they were going to take it back by flooding the world, but not to worry, as long as we cooperate, they would not kill us.

We were lined up and told to write our names down on a large sheet of paper one by one. We decided to write down fake names, not sure if we really wanted them to know our real ones. Sarah named herself Shadow, I named myself the same name minus one A at the end of my real name, and I didn't hear the fake name Casey came up with as she was grabbed by one of the fish men. I tried to get to her, but was held back by another guy. I shrieked her name and tried to get to her, terrified of what would happen, but they were just inspecting the pockets of her coat.

When they let her go she ran over to me and clutched me. They asked if we had a special relationship and we tried to lie about being sisters, terrified they'd try to use that against us somehow. Then they left us alone with Casey scolding me that I had called her by her real name as we were shuffled along in the line some more.

The next thing they did was to pat us each down like they had done Casey. I remember feeling sickened as I felt their cold hands all over me, inspecting for anything I might be hiding. We were ushered into another room and handed a shopping basket, told to take a few minutes to gather whatever human supplies we thought we would need. We gasped as we walked into part of the ship that had been made to look just like a small section of a store.

Casey, Sarah, and I walked around for a bit in a daze, trying to figure out why they would be doing this for us. Then I finally snapped out of my daze and said we should grab some cold meds and other things like that. Who knows how long we'd be here for? I went looking for the cough drops and such, thinking about how we were just in the rain and would probably catch a cold. I'd just have to hope they didn't poison this stuff. We broke up to gather more stuff. I even grabbed some make up as I happened to pass it.

We were one of the last people out of the store as we were trying to be careful not to miss anything. Once we finally left we stood around in this dark room that slowly slanted down to some calm water. Finally this is were they announced they were going to change us so that we'd have gills and could survive in the water. This sent the group into a panic as fishmen came out and started to grab people at random and drag them towards the water where the evolution could take place.

At first we were panicking along with the group, then just stopped as we realized: The Earth as we knew it was covered in water, we had seen that for ourselves. Even if we escaped these guys, where would we go? We couldn't survive on Earth as we were anymore. Somehow we had also caught on that they were keeping some humans the same to put in zoo or give out as pets. So holding hands we decided we'd just have to change. Together we marched down to the water which impressed the fish men and they treated us much nicer than the manhandling they were doing to others around us. I woke up just as my feet started to touch the water.

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